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With Gen 8 RU's Beta just around the corner, it felt worth taking a moment to reflect on the Gen 7 RU experience, and to me one of the best ways to do so is through teams; the prominent teams of their day to me not only showcased the prominent threats, cores, etc. that were utilized at that time, but also the mindset of the players therein, addressing the way players adapted and worked around what was good and how. I would like to share some of my own personal picks, but don't let my own ideas about what this means dictate your responses! What teams did you feel strongly about, and why? I would ask that if nothing else you share a little about why you personally enjoyed the team or teams that you've selected for this, and for the sake of context the metagame that they came from. If you would like to supplement any of this with replays, testaments to the environment they were made from, etc., go for it, this is the place to gush about it!


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Perhaps my favorite team I made during this gen, probably not in terms of actual team structure but moreso in terms of performance. This team was made during the Golisopod + Donphan BO meta and was a success until the very end of RU Open and perhaps even more. Team featured Band Hariyama and Specs Gardevoir as main breakers, with the common Regi + Donphan + Pod core and Mega Sceptile for speed control.

Some replays of the team:

Other players like Adaam and HT used the team during open and found success but they suck and hid replays.

This is a team we made during snake for Kink which features Agility Gross and Sp Def Nidoqueen. The structure of the team is so nice I just can't help but love it. Evi came up with the Fat Nido + Mismag and the team just went from there to this cool looking squad you see now.


I'm sure EviGaro has more replays to showcase the build.

Also my RMT if you haven't seen it. Perhaps my favorite build to use this gen.

These were all I could think of but I'm sure I have more teams that deserve a showcase in this thread. Might post more once the thread develops so I don't spam it rofl
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